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    Air Gap Spacers & Cushion Pipes

    ‘Air gap’ or ‘twin wall’ pipes are often used for the manufacture of downpipes. Insulation is provided by the air gap between inner and outer pipes, reducing heat loss from the exhaust gas prior to the catalytic converter. This results … More Information


    Anti Vibration Mesh

    A knitted wire component can be produced in any size, shape, and density to enable riveting or spot welding, keeping assembly and fastening costs to a minimum. Typical applications for this range of products are: heat shields turbo and engine … More Information

    demister_1219632738_stab 5

    Body Armour

    With UK Partners, we have knitted one of the most light-weight Body Vest. Designed to be stab-proof, this light-weight Body Vest is also bullet-proof up to basic KR1 standards, as well to a Magnum 45. Please send us your specifications … More Information


    Compressed Components

    An endless array of size, shape and configuration of components can be produced from knitted mesh. Compressed knitted mesh components can be adapted and used for numerous applications: anti-vibration engine mounts high temperature seals RFI/EMC gaskets filtration engine breathers catalytic … More Information

    compiled trays

    Conventional Trays

        Conventional trays are also available from ZEHUA, our supplier, in different designs for various uses. _____________________________________________________________________ Conventional V1 Valve Tray Available in light and heavy V1 valve Bubble Cap Tray Standard round cap: 80/100/150 Rectangular cap type Operates … More Information



    What is a Demister? DEMISTERs are essential in many process operations for the removal of entrained material in vapour flow. DemisterASIA’s Demisters and mist eliminators provide a wide range of solutions suitable for any application. The principle of a Demister … More Information

    spray distributor (type spd)


        Only the best internals for packed towers. Developed and optimized in ZEHUA’s test facilities, the tower internals are assuredly of the highest possible quality. These liquid and vapour distributors vary in design for the optimal match to your … More Information

    compiled edv

    EDV High Performance Tray

        A solution with higher capacity and efficiency, lower pressure drop and better flexibility. EDV® High Performance Tray is superior to conventional trays in many aspects, including: Easy installation More than 40% increase in capacity Up to 20% increase … More Information


    EMI/RFI Shielding with Mesh

    DemisterASIA knitted mesh products provide very effective and affordable solutions to radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding. All electronic equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) must be shielded from external interference sources. Any equipment which produces electromagnetic radiation must also be … More Information


    End Protection Seals

    Compressed knitted wire mesh seals can be incorporated into the design and manufacture of most catalytic converters and diesel particulate filter assemblies. Seals can be made to suit existing production or new developments. Seals are positioned around the monolith wherever … More Information

    compiled fasteners


        Wide range of fasteners with various designs for your different needs. Guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality for securing your equipment and tower internals. ___________________________________________________________    ZHB-HW-A01  ZHB-HW-A02  ZHB-HW-A03  ZHB-HW-A04  ZHB-HW-A05 ZHB-HW-B01 ZHB-HW-B02  ZHB-HW-D01 ZHB-HW-D02 ZHB-HW-D03 … More Information


    Flex Assemblies & Load Supports

    Flex Assemblies Standard braiding is typically used on the outer surface of flex assemblies, protecting from abrasion and reducing noise emissions. Conventional braiding is more expensive in comparison to knitted mesh. CSS produces a knitted wire mesh sleeve, which can … More Information


    Flexible Couplings & Spring-loaded Ball Joints

    Flexible couplings During assembly line testing of engines, high scrap rates are encountered from permanent distortion of manifold flanges. A solution was needed. CSS designed and produced a low-cost, disposable seal, which was easily located and mounted in the existing … More Information


    Framed Filters

    A wide range of knitted mesh elements are produced for industrial filter and demister applications. Industrial cooking canopies are among the most common application. Framed elements, commonly known as ‘grease filters’, are installed above cooking ranges to eliminate entrained grease … More Information


    Joined-End Protection Seal Assembly

    From the makers of demister pads from DemisterASIA comes a new, equally ingenious design: one-piece twin seal assembly providing the flexibility to utilize one set of pressings for a variety of different brick lengths. Once the converter is assembled, the tubular … More Information


    Knitted Wire Mesh Rolls

    DemisterASIA produces high quality and versatile knitted mesh and demister pads from a vast range of materials, offering a high degree of creativity and expertise. Our skilled design and development team strives to ensure that the correct characteristics and specification … More Information


    Knitted Wire Mesh Rope & Air Breather Pads

    Knitted wire mesh rope DemisterASIA wire mesh rope was traditionally used for manufacturing catalyst end seals before the introduction of endless compressed seals. Rope is inexpensive and can be produced in any size, section, profile, density and length, therefore tooling … More Information


    Mist Eliminator

    What is a Mist Eliminator? Mist Eliminators, also known as demisters, are essential in many process operations for the removal of entrained material in vapour flows. DemisterASIA’s Mist Eliminator pads provide a wide range of solutions suitable for any application. … More Information


    Monolith Support Wraps

    CSS Knitted Support wraps can be manufactured to varying specifications, each offering a range of different holding forces, typically between 6 and 24 KGF/cm2 in an assembled gap of 2 to 6 mm. The wire mesh system is compressed in … More Information

    sepring-T1 (tsinghua mini ring)

    Random Packings

    A new generation of high-performance random packings. Bringing to you a better combination of capacity and efficiency. Ranging from metal to plastic to ceramic and available in a wide variety of designs, you can surely find the packings you need. … More Information


    Separation Rings

    In a ‘twin brick’ converter assembly, a device is needed to maintain a constant gap between the front and rear monoliths. Conventionally, this involves a pressed metal (usually inconel) clip, which has a tendency to creep with thermal expansion and lift away … More Information

    demister_1173743601_muffler a

    Silencer & Muffler packing

    From the same makers of DemisterASIA demister pads, we present: Wire wool sleeves Traditionally, perforated tubes are wrapped with stainless steel wool to protect the vulnerable fibrous absorption material pack. As an alternative, CSS can supply a one-piece, flat packed … More Information

    sepak-c series (ceramic structured packing)

    Structured Packings

    Well-designed structured packings that allow for maximum air flow. Bringing to you greater efficiency and efficacy. Available in a wide range of designs and materials, each with different properties that cater to various specifications or requirements you may have.   … More Information

    Tower Internals

    Tower Internals

    Only the best internals for packed towers. Developed and optimized in ZEHUA’s test facilities, the tower internals are assuredly of the highest possible quality. The liquid collectors, packing support and hold down grid are available in a range of different … More Information

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