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      ATS282X是針對中高端藍牙市場設計的一系列高性能藍牙V4.1雙模Soc,集成MCU、DSP和RF在一顆單芯片中。此系列芯片可同時支持Android和iOS系統的APPs應用控制,支持I2S, SPDIF TX, UART, TWI, SPI, PWM等外圍接口,內置多路AUX IN,支持雙Microphone和紅外遙控等。方案支持回聲消除和降噪算法以及多種音效算法,支持TWS和Multi-Point等功能,低功耗提供更長的電池續航時間。
      ATS282X is a serials of high performance Bluetooth v4.1 dual mode SoC chipset focusing on Mid-end and High-end Bluetooth market which integrate MCU, DSP, RF. ATS282X can support Android and iOS system APPs control, support I2S, SPDIF TX, UART, TWI, SPI, PWM external interface, integrate multiple AUX IN, dual microphone and IR remote control. ATS282X can also support echo cancelation and noise reduction, various sound effect algorithm, TWS and Multi-Point functions, lower power consumption.