• Demisters by DemisterASIA (DA) is one of the many quality wire mesh products proudly manufactured by our partners and network here in Singapore and the UK. Those of us who have purchased a Demister Pad/Mist Eliminator or wire mesh product would know that getting a good manufacturer is never easy.

    Using top grade material and ordering everything according to drawings does not necessarily guarantee your Demister pad stays intact. Here at DemisterASIA, we are confident of our prices, accuracy and most importantly, durability of our demister pads. With our impressive customer base, we are one of the most reliable demister pad manufacturer in Asia and the Middle East. Our main countries of export includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Mexico.

    As an experienced and skilled team, we help our customers select the correct mesh type and materials, to keep cost down to a minimum and limit production and testing time. Our vast experience in demister pads, mist eliminators and many types of wire mesh products give us a well-appreciated edge over other Asian manufacturers.

    The needs of all our customers are continually assessed and anticipated. At the same time, we monitor and improve existing product lines and operations. We endeavour to have a strategic approach to future concepts designs and manufacturing methods with our factory partners.